"Declaration of War"
Single by Hadouken!
from the album Music for an Accelerated Culture
Released 4 May 2008
Format Digital download

CD single

Recorded 2008
Genre Grindie
Hadouken! singles chronology
"Get Smashed Gate Crash"(2008) "Declaration of War"(2008) "Crank It Up"(2008)

"Declaration of War" is the second single from Hadouken's debut album released on 4 May 2008. As of 2009, it is the band's second most successful single, after Liquid Lives, charting at #66 in the UK.

[edit] Track listingEdit

7digital download
  1. "Declaration of War" (Hadouken! vs. Kissy Sell Out Remix)
  2. "Declaration of War" ( Mason Vocal Remix)
  3. "Declaration of War" ([[The Whip (band)|The Whip] Remix)
  4. "Declaration of War" (Jeuce Rework)
  1. "Declaration of War"
  2. "Declaration of War" (Hadouken! Vs. Kissy Sell Out Remix)
  3. "Declaration of War" (Mason Vocal Mix)
  4. "Declaration of War" (The Whip Remix)
  5. "Declaration of War" (Video)

[edit] Music videoEdit

The video for "Declaration of War" premiered on 25 March 2008, showing them getting chased through the city by people in black armour who kill the band members at the end of the video. It was later announced that the song would be a single, and that the video would begin screening at several locations around the country.

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